Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk Blog

As many people know, there are many ways to present a TED Talk while keeping to your style and personality. Sir Ken Robinson, presented his TED Talk with such poise and control, but still managed to bring the crowd to laughter every minute or so. After watching this outstanding TED Talk, I gained a deeper meaning of education and intelligence about the human race. Robinson defines creativity as a characteristic that people with an original idea with value have, but if you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original. I think we are all original human beings, it’s our ideas that define our creativity. People always tells me, “Everyone has creativity, you just have to find it.” I believe, like Robinson, that, “We are all born creative. You don’t become creative, you can grow out of it.” So, if we don’t maintain our imaginations, we lose our creativity, we can’t just gain it back with ease. Isn’t that why, when you are a kid, your parents buy you a paint set to explore with, legos to construct with, and barbies to bring to life? During Robinson’s TED Talk, he explains all of these phenomenons with such lightness. He brings a sense of joy to the audience and speaks fast to make the audience engage more into what he has to say. If someone in the crowd loses attention in the audience, they miss an important topic that Robinson mentions. He uses his own style to grab the audience into what he is talking about by correlating in some whimsical stories every once in awhile. The video brings in everyone, because Robinson doesn’t just mention how adults can make a difference in a child’s education, he says that the entire world needs to be a part of this revolution in education. When talking about education, then even I am affected by what Robinson is talking about in his TED Talk. As Robinson mentions at the beginning of his speech, “All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them pretty ruthlessly.” I say, by giving this speech, all kids and their parents get involved with the topic of education. We all are interested in education because it is our future. Nobody knows for sure where society is headed, but the world’s education has a big effect on what kind of people will be living in our world in 50 years or so. As Robinson’s TED Talk came to an end, though, his insightful words poured out and gave everyone watching a little taste of our world as we know it and left people curious, as every TED Talk should accomplish.

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